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Putting together a Leadership Team

posted Oct 19, 2009, 1:17 PM by Jim Crouch   [ updated Nov 7, 2013, 8:17 PM ]

Well, we have just completed step one in starting Connect ministry; contacting pastors who will be our support team.  Which brings me to step two; setting up a leadership team for Connect Ministry.  I am looking for young folks from local churches that have the following qualifications/giftings/callings: Solid born-again believers, Age 18-28, Gifted to teach or lead worship, Called to minister to their peers.  Is that person you?

These folks will be the hands and feet of Connect Ministry.  My goal is to have all of the churches supporting Connect Ministry represented on the leadership team.  I want every young person walking out in this leadership role to be mentored by a mature Christian adult, so I will be asking for your help in this area as well.

My hope is to begin meeting these folks; initially with just Sandra & I to get to know them.  Eventually we will begin meeting as a group to begin praying and talking about Connect Ministry and how it will fit into the North Whidbey and Fidalgo communities.  Once we have begun to gel, I would like to take the group down to Gig Harbor for two days to see how Thrive Ministry works.  One day to meet with the leadership down there and one day to see it in action.  Thrive ministry is very similar to what we’ll be doing here.  We will meet again a few times after we return to debrief what we saw and what the Lord would have us take away from that experience and then we will invite the Gig Harbor leadership here to pray with us and answer any questions that remain.  I am hoping to have all of that wrapped up by late Spring.

Once we have a solid leadership team put together, we will look at opening the doors and getting this ministry rolling.