Our Staff

    Sandra & I both began our walk with the Lord on September 28th,1978 (about 4 hours apart, in separate locations, in totally different scenarios).  Sandra and I married in 1980 and enjoy serving the Lord side-by-side.  Teaching and encouraging young people has been a part of our lives for the last 20 years.  After retiring from the US Navy in 2000, I was blessed with a job as a social studies teacher at Oak Harbor High School.

    In 2012 the Lord began showing us the need to re-connect young people who had wandered away from the body of Christ.  Something like 80% of young people walk away from the church when they graduate from high school.  I believe what today's young people are missing is rooted in relationship; with the Father, with the Son, and with the Holy Spirit.  I also believe that the way to mend this divide is through relationship with their peers.  At Connect we will focus on restoring & healing relationships.

Co-Shepherd - Doug & LeeAnne Otte

    Doug & LeeAnne were married in March 1987 and have four children.  Doug was raised in a Christian home and accepted the Lord in his early teen years.  Time has provided him many chances to slip and fall and truly understand the grace and forgiveness of our Lord.  His walk gains strength and purpose with each passing year and he is excited to have more time and flexibility to dedicate to the Lord's work here on the Islands.

     LeeAnn accepted the Lord as her personal savior in 1988 and has had a strong desire to serve the Lord ever since.  LeeAnn was the Children's Ministry leader in San Diego and enjoys being active in bible studies.  Doug & LeeAnn's love and desire to expand in ministry have led them to join the Connect Ministry for young adults.

Connect Ministry Director - Joel Hill

    Joel Hill...